Pandemic Epidemic Plague

COVID 19 disparity

Well, people have to decide to make their choices and live with the outcome. People do what they want a lot of the time instead of what they should be doing. Sadly when people don’t listen and help doesn’t come then who is responsible for what we have been warned. Moving forward, people need to be more self-sufficient even for their jobs or additional income. Also people need to ease up on retail shopping and get land. Yes I have some. It is called choices for the long term. This earth will provide for you what you need if you let it. What happened to sewing, farming, eating less and spending less, that way when a disaster hits those who have made the choice to live a certain lifestyle are less stressed. I am sure those who are minimalist are not impacted as bad because they changed their mindset that’s it’s ok to live off less and have more financial resources put up to the side. If I was able to do it from working minimum wage and having multiple repossessions anywho has the willing mind to make the adjustments can. Choose life over bills and money.

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