I am Intentional

You can say yes to people 1k times yet the 1 time you say no that is all they remember. It baffles me that people expect of you at times what they cannot expect of themselves. I am ok with people not understanding me, I am ok with telling people “no”! What I am not ok with, is getting so absorbed in what other people have going on to the point I lose sight and focus on what I have going on. I have been up since 5am praying, reading, working and will not go to sleep until after 10pm and I am thankful for it all. I am thankful for those who have been encouraging me to press forward. Even though I have been blessed to sit at the table of many I must continue to build my own Empire. “I refuse to allow what’s going on with others to interfere with what I have going on!” I am intentional about my own goals, my own dreams, my own life!




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OutSpoken Belle

“I Choose to Press Through”

Been mocked for saying I have been working 14-16 hour work days! I have accepted the fact people tend to support you as long as you are on their same level! I made the decision to level up and I now appreciate the art of hard work, less socializing, less sleep, and I appreciate and understand the importance of pushing hard! Outside of my regular 9-5, I am a published author, I am on FM radio out of Atlanta, working on my podcast, I have been doing interviews of great people doing great things, I have a blog, I have my youtube channel, I write bio’s for other people, I am launching my Business Consulting business, and the list goes on and on! I choose to keep pressing forward and higher, and I choose to refuse to allow what’s going on with other people and their situations to derail me from any of it! I have issues also, however, I choose not to allow my challenges that are going on to interfere with that which is greater. I choose to have Heaven right here right now! So for those who are mocking me thank you!!! I press hard for myself, my family, and MY GOD! Greater is she who believes in GOD than she who is trying to please others.



I’m on Instagram as @lethasrealtalk. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1jhlrw7t3tlnk&utm_content=wet8eo