Acknowledge a Woman’s Worth

“Never be ashamed of your flaws and remember to know your worth”

Being a woman comes with a level of great responsibility and magnitude yet it comes with weariness and being tired also. As I speak for myself, I try, I cry, I pray, I endure, I nuture,I love, I care , I sacrifice sometimes my feelings, I support, I acknowledge, I never stop. Most women those similar to myself, tend to put the needs, the desires, the expectations of others before themselves because we want those we love so, or those we choose to mentor to be better than we are. We want everyone else to have everything they need and want even if our needs and wants go unattended to. Every now and then we want to feel wanted instead of needed. Every now and then we want those we praise and lift up so much and encourage to do the same for us. Every now and then we would appreciate it if those we have made so much of our world would do the same for us. Every now and then, we want all of you men, family- children, friends, jobs, and organizations to appreciate and know our worth. A great woman’s worth can not be measured. The women who raised me and those who have taken me under their wings can not be measured. Say it loud for this who can not hear in the background. Appreciate your mothers, grandmothers, aunt’s, cousins, wives, and significant others. Once we as women realize our worth we just want the world around us to love, nurture, appreciate us more. I would not take anything for my journey, my family, those who have mentored me along the way or those whom have chosen to come under my wing! For a woman’s work is never done!

Shelly Coakley

My feelings, My Reality

Easter Recap

I believe me sharing my struggles and going on that journey to heal, is the light. I am giving them a process, my process and they can try it and it may or may not work for them, people want answers on how to deal with their mind, body or spirit. We are all here to be one in the universe and we all want to feel whole and complete, more so now with people waking up and going within themselves they need to know how to deal with emotions and need real experiences to connect with not some textbook. I believe this will create the collective to be stronger cause we are working together, race/gender/colour/age (all mean nothing), we all bleed red – we are one.

(Journal Entry 17/4/2022 – I have been feeling a little shaky about spending Easter today with 2 family members no longer with us. For me in the past if I wasn’t able to be there on the day, I’d still be able to ring and hear their voice. When I was there, we would have the same tradition to catch up at lunch time at my Uncle’s or on the rare occasion it might of been at another family members place.

As us souls do, we ask one another what are your Easter plans and my normal/programmed response I’d say ‘don’t know’, “whatever”, ‘just another day’, ‘family catch up’ but the honest truth of the matter that a few friends know ‘its going to be a hard day to deal with’.

I’ve been reassuring myself with the healing and tools I’ve learnt so far, I’ll be right, I’ve got this, I’ll get through this – we have got through challenging times before and I’ll keep busy. My friends quote ‘flip the switch’, turn negative into a positive.

My 1st thought today when I woke up, today’s is about looking and appreciating the past but realising it is now the present moment so to focus on pulling myself back to the right here and now. Then think about all the good in my life that I have going on right now and to be proud of myself (this is my key for today to empower me and provide strength to keep going with today) and then think of possibilities of how I would like to spend future Easter’s now that the tradition/regular pattern has changed so I can overcome this feelings and break this cycle for the future.

Today is about taking back control in a respective way and accepting and knowing I have to move forward in next year’s to come, I give myself permission to enjoy this beautiful day in a new way and in the way I choose so today I will shift between past and present and future thoughts with the respect to honour the past and be present with today by thinking about possibilities on how I would like to spend the future Easter’s. Working through the emotions and feelings and thoughts today, acknowledging this is part of the healing process, allow feelings and emotions to rise and deal with them and express them by speaking out or letting out the tears.

Knowing by doing this work of addressing my mixed feelings today, I have the intent to respect the past for what it was and to be able to live the future the way I choose I want it to be and not feel guilty if I don’t do the same traditions or belief.

💞💞You will always be in my heart Nan and Aunty Polly💞💞

Thank you for reading about my journey today and wishing you enjoy your Easter and sending you love and blessings 😘)

Taking My Throne

Uniting people through diversity

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John Katsavos

John Katsavos of Resilient Reboot Productions

Meet John Katsavos of Resilient Reboot Productions

John is an expert in helping men and women in finding a solution that fits them when it comes to working out, not some “one-size fits all” workout program.

If you really hope to simple solutions to get healthier and live full and happy lives, stop feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired, and start feeling more confident in the skin that they’re in then John and his team can definitely help you.

John is a pioneer in the field of giving you tools to amplify your life through exercise and my accomplishments include:


• Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor
• Certified Health Counselor – IIN
• JumpStart Practitioner – M.A.T.
• CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
• CPTN – Personal Trainer

Work History:

• 38 years in the martial arts world
o Shotokan Karate
o Muay Thai Kickboxing
o Systema (Russian Martial Arts)
• 30 years working out in the gym, at home, in parks, on vacations
• 15 years in personal training
• Have helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals
• I love learning new tools to implement into our programs to make your transformation even better

Other Info:

• 13 years in the business of changing people’s lives for the better
• Helped people reach their goals in a natural and holistic way
• Improved hundreds of people’s lives through systematically making small adjustments to their current lives

• Stopped competing in martial arts from the age of 12 and focused on finding a system that is more spiritually in tune with my way of life
• Went from almost committing suicide to starting up my dream business to losing it and starting it up again
• Found out the connection between physical, mental, and spiritual in a very interesting way

• Battling depression on a daily basis
• Developed daily habits that help control depression and anxiety
• Found the enjoyment of doing “hard things” in life and it’s eventual pay off

When you want to find a solution that fits them when it comes to working out, not some “one-size fits all” workout program, you need someone you can count on when it comes to giving you tools to amplify your life through exercise.

And as you can see, John can definitely help you find simple solutions to get healthier and live a full and happier life, stop feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired, and start feeling more confident in the skin that you’re in!