Mrs. Mary’s Birthday Bash

Mrs. Mary is a woman of virtue who exemplifies greatness, very intellectual, and she is a woman who is driven by her own self-determined values. Every year, there is a huge celebration for Mrs. Mary’s birthday for anyone who wants to come out and celebrate her life and all she has done for her community.

Tickets are now on sale. April 1, 2023 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This will be the third year of Mrs. Mary’s annual elegant event.

This celebration will include non other than Mr. Omar Cunningham, followed by MusicDoll Tb and Comedian Niki Coleman. This event is open to the public. There will be food, free adult beverages, and a mixed genre of music. D.J. Tru will keep everyone on the dance floor. Come out, celebrate, and have fun.

This is an all white affair. Everyone must wear proper attire. “This is a Lex Luga Production.” Ticket information is below. #soufstateconnected #lexluga click here for tickets.

Tony Yarber

Tony T. Yarber, a 44-year resident of Jackson, MS, has made an impact on his community in education, faith based, and political arena. A former coach, teacher and principal in the Hinds County and Jackson Public School District, Tony has had the privilege of shaping young lives in our community and beyond. He is the founder of Relevant Empowerment Church where he pastors amazing partakers, part owner of an innovation company by the name of Data Rich Solutions, LLC. Tony consults political players and businesses through innovation and data. Tony brings a unique skill set to the world of real estate as well. The ability to negotiate and understand policy was acquired during his tenure as a city councilman and past Mayor of Jackson, MS.

Tony is a lover of martial arts and a practitioner for over 30 years. He has received numerous recognitions and awards both locally and nationally. Tony is the Husband of Mrs. Sheena Yarber and very active father of four amazing children. He is a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi and Jackson State University. He was bestowed the honor of Honorary Doctor of Laws by Belhaven University. A lifelong learner, Yarber has been a chaplain intern at the VA Medical Center where he was enrolled as a Clinical Pastoral Education student. He’s an accomplished motivational speaker and owner of Making It Happen Motivation Solutions. Tony is an author who lives with the motivation to be a better man today than he was yesterday. Yarber currently works as a teacher and leadership coach in schools throughout the state of Mississippi helping to build capacity in elementary math teachers and their administrators.

Tony’s motto and aim is to be a better man today than he was yesterday.

Jamaun Lane, Sr.

Jamaun is a man who is always doing what he can to help others in and out of his community. However, even though Jamaun enjoys helping others he believes in order for himself to continue to be a help to others he must always find ways to improve himself.

Jamaun enjoys spending time with his kids to show them how to get their own money and fend for themselves. Jamaun considers himself to know a lot about women so he chats with them to make sure his novelty business advances to the next level. Jamaun believes in order to be a successful business owner he must stay around other thriving business owners as well.
Jamaun enjoys talking to other business owners to get their input on ways to succeed. Jamaun used to like being around friends, but he realized he had to change the people he hung around with because he wanted more for himself, his family, and his community.

Part of Jamaun’s passion is to encourage others by reaching the youth. Jamaun understands it’s hard to talk to someone your age or older because they already have chosen their path in life and they are stuck with it. Jamaun is from Holly Springs, MS where somethings are still segregated, and he is determined to help more people see the bigger picture “the world”.

Jamaun has been motivated over the years by watching his mother. He has seen her work 3 jobs, come home be a mom and never complain about nothing, other than her knees from a car accident. Jamaun is also motivated by his children. Jamaun doesn’t want his children to ever say their daddy didn’t do “this” for them or at least try. His children think he is rich! Jamaun does pretty well for himself especially considering he has no education outside of a high school diploma. Jamaun decided not to allow him not furthering his education to define who he is or how far he will go. Jamaun wants the world to know who he is. He doesn’t want to be famous. He just wants to be known.

Jamaun’s biggest motivation comes from all the doubters and haters who talk behind his back and down him on everything he does. He wants everyone to understand the only shoes we should focus on are the ones that fit our own feet.

Jamaun states “Look out world! There is a 36 year-old country man from Mississippi looking to explore you.” “Also, I wish the world would all come together. Let’s all live in peace because war only brings death, which leads to more deaths, which leads to pain.”