Rev. Deldrick LeaSure

Deldrick Leasure, was born August 7, 1973 to Irene LeaSure. He attended school at the Holly Springs Public School System and graduated from Holly Springs High School in May 1992.
He is happily married to Sharon Tucker LeaSure. They are blessed with four beautiful daughters: Kyla, Mikaela, Lauryn, and Leah.

From a young child Mr. LeaSure always had a passion and love for God. He would sit next to his grandmother on Sunday mornings watching Olan Morris and the Jubilee Hummingbirds. After watching the telecast he would go in the back yard or on the front porch and attempt to emulate what he just saw on television. His love for God and church grew deeper and deeper. By the age of 16 or 17 Mr. LeaSure was helping deacons at various churches conduct devotional services. His part mainly consisted of offering the prayer. Knowing there was much more for him to do, in October 1993 Mr. LeaSure accepted the call to preach the Gospel. On October 30, 1993, he preached his first sermon at New Hope MB Church in Laws Hills.

In August 1999, he was called to pastor his first church, St Paul CME Church in Oxford,Ms. After serving two year at St. Paul, his family United with Armstead CME Church, later becoming Christ Temple CME Church. In August of 2007 he was transferred to Cooper Chapel CME Church in Olive Branch, Ms, where he and his family served faithful for 7 1/2 years. In February 2015, God said “Launch out into the deep.” That same year was birthed their current church New Genesis Christian Church located in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

The first service was at Best Western hotel on February 8, 2015. After only 3 months the congregation had outgrown that space. In May they found another building for rent, where they stayed 6 years and again the Lord blessed Mr.LeaSure, family, and congregation to outgrow that space. Currently they are located at 8920 Mid South Dr. In Olive Branch, Mississippi. As a church they believe in Making New and Making Great. Rev. LeaSure’s motto in life is, “If I can help just one somebody then my living is not in vain.” “God placed us here on Earth to be stewards, to serve others, and to become selfless in our attitude when doing so.”

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