Women’s Dedication Free Yourself

Age, culture, religion, and race leads to so many forms of division among us. Some of us have grown up with both parents in the home, some of us grew up with one parent, some of us grew up with none. Education for some of us was not an option while some of us had no one to educate us at all. Some of us were taught love while some were taught constant hate and pain. Every Sunday morning some of us were in church while some of us was somewhere lost in a world that had no concern for us at all. Some of us saw our families curse, fuss and fight, while some of us may have been abused and molested and neglected. Some of us had siblings while some of us were the only child. Some of us may have not been likeable to those around us while some may have been considered the golden child. Some of us became tainted at an early age while some of us remained untouched and pure. So many of us gave birth to children at an early age while some of us aborted unborn children so that the secret of some being sexually active early or becoming pregnant never got out. Some may have hustled the system for personal gain while others struggled to keep the lights on. A lot of women have been in and out of relationships because they don’t want to be alone while others are always by themselves to remain lonely. Some of us have not experienced living because our attitudes have lead us to believe it’s normal to be lonely, busted, and discusted. Some have been in jail and or prison while others never got convicted of the crimes they committed and remain free. Some have lost their children that they gave birth to because they have been taken out the home, jail or the streets. Many women proclaim to be happy when the fact of the matter is a lot of women have no clue what real happiness is. As some of us get older we do just that, we are just getting older. A lot of us become so bound by fear that we want everything perfect, the perfect mate, the perfect job or business, the perfect shape,  the perfect family and perfect children instead of allowing ourselves the freedom to make our own mistakes because we hide in a box that we allow others to keep us contained in. Some of us are contained by others rules and expectations for our lives instead of living our own life. Some of us live totally seperate lives on social media because for some it’s easier to live a lie. So,  so many of us look down on other women because we are not happy so we use that as a way to depict what’s right and wrong. Some of us are motherless daughters while others of us are childless mothers. Regardless of what it is, or what others think you should be or do, you are you,  you are wonderful. Free yourself right now. Inhale and exhale and move forward. We are all flawed,  none of us are the same, none of us think exactly the same, and your life is your life. Be free. Jump into your freedom, jump away from  what it could be and make it be. I love you my wonderful sisters. Love yourself enough to free yourself. Be FREE!

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