Black History 2022

Letha’s Real Talk will not only focus on Black History during February 2022, we will also highlight some of those infamous black icons who are currently making a major impact everyday. There are so many wonderful leaders who are persevering, breaking down barriers, and we have been allowed the privilege to highlight a few. Walk in your freedom. Press the mark. Do not give up. You can do it. You can be it. You can have it. You can, shall, and will achieve it if you put in the constant work. Greatness is part of the legacy and royal heritage that we all as a people bestow. As we continue to rise up and make our presence known and more visible in this world I am proud to say though we are not finished, however, now is the time to give each other praise. We are successful people, we a strong people, we are brilliant people, we are inventors, we are warriors, we are Kings and Queens who possess the divine wellness of the first fruits of this earth. The blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers and foremothers empowered us so that we are to be as a great people without shame, yet with a cause and a purpose. We must fulfill! We are to carry out what we are destined to do. Our history is our heritage and this month you will meet and learn of a few who are leaving their footprints to . February 2022 will be about Black History and Black Empowerment living.

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