Mr. Robert Bates “Bates Floor Care Services, LLC”

Robert W Bates Jr. is Owner of Bates Floor Care Services LLC based out of Clinton MS. Mr. Bates has been in business for 8years. Mr. Bates strips and wax floors, he cleans carpet both commercial and residential and most importantly he is a man of God. Mr. Bates is a family man, and he shares his devotion of love with his beautiful wife of almost 19 years along with their three beautiful daughters. Mr. Bates exemplifies there are loving husbands and father’s in the home for his family means everything to him. He believes it is important to always acknowledge your family as he does his wife and daughters. Mr. Bates enjoys watching football; his favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. Along with his love for football he also enjoys spending quality time with his family and his friends. His hobbies are relaxing outside of his house and driving to new places and reading his Bible. God is at the head of his life. Mr. Bates acknowledges his business would not be anything without God’s grace and mercy.

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