Mother’ Day Tribute

Dear Mothers,

I want to tell you all that you all are awesome, and you deserve to be loved, appreciated,  and acknowledged. You deserve days filled  with joy, happiness, love, peace, no drama and heartache free. I know many of you all have restless nights praying in silence while all others in the house and those who are in their own home are sleeping. Mothers carry the world through. Mothers tend to put everyone else first while they put themselves last. Mothers, women, and wives just want the world to be better. Mothers just want their families to get along. Mothers, women, wives,  just wish those around her would protect her feelings and heart at times as she does for those she loves so dear. Mothers push through their pain just to make it through the day. Mothers, women, and wives want time, and to be cherished. We just sometimes want a small peice of what we give to the world around us. Mothers, women, and wives thank you all for carrying the world through!

Love Letha

I am Intentional

You can say yes to people 1k times yet the 1 time you say no that is all they remember. It baffles me that people expect of you at times what they cannot expect of themselves. I am ok with people not understanding me, I am ok with telling people “no”! What I am not ok with, is getting so absorbed in what other people have going on to the point I lose sight and focus on what I have going on. I have been up since 5am praying, reading, working and will not go to sleep until after 10pm and I am thankful for it all. I am thankful for those who have been encouraging me to press forward. Even though I have been blessed to sit at the table of many I must continue to build my own Empire. “I refuse to allow what’s going on with others to interfere with what I have going on!” I am intentional about my own goals, my own dreams, my own life!

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OutSpoken Belle

“Greater are those who improve themselves other than those who judge others!”

Choose to live your own life or you will miserably live for others!!! It is not worth being unhappy to satisfy others who are not happy with themselves. I have no place to mock or judge others, for no one here has a Heaven or hell to send anyone to. Before you talk down or criticize the next person look in the mirror at yourself. We all are flawed. It is sad people spend more time discussing what the next person needs to do instead of doing what they need to do themselves. I choose to work on myself. Better are those of us who strive to be a better version of ourselves than those of us who act like we need no fixing! Love Self!!!

OutSpoken Belle

“I Choose to Press Through”

Been mocked for saying I have been working 14-16 hour work days! I have accepted the fact people tend to support you as long as you are on their same level! I made the decision to level up and I now appreciate the art of hard work, less socializing, less sleep, and I appreciate and understand the importance of pushing hard! Outside of my regular 9-5, I am a published author, I am on FM radio out of Atlanta, working on my podcast, I have been doing interviews of great people doing great things, I have a blog, I have my youtube channel, I write bio’s for other people, I am launching my Business Consulting business, and the list goes on and on! I choose to keep pressing forward and higher, and I choose to refuse to allow what’s going on with other people and their situations to derail me from any of it! I have issues also, however, I choose not to allow my challenges that are going on to interfere with that which is greater. I choose to have Heaven right here right now! So for those who are mocking me thank you!!! I press hard for myself, my family, and MY GOD! Greater is she who believes in GOD than she who is trying to please others.

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