Let Us Breathe

With all the challenges of the world take time and honor those who are no longer here. Take a pause and let us breathe. People have lost loved ones yet and still many of us are here to witness our loved ones to breathe. Some are so hurtful grieving. Take a moment let us breathe. Breathe in unity. Breathe in the fight. Breathe in the act to strive for what’s right. Justice has never just been for just us, yet as we watch the world turn from the hate, violence, and separation of families, Let Us Breathe. Cherish what you have and who you have, for their love of endurance for you may be a challenge for them to breathe. Be life in dark places. No need to look beyond the ones you have in front that cherish you dear help them breathe. Let Us Breathe!

Embark on your Greatness

We all have different talents and different gifts- various things that we are able to give. We strive hard, we grind hard, we press hard, sometimes we even fall hard, feeling the failured woes not understanding the fact that our greatness is yet to be fold. The challenges come, your endurance is on a rise but don’t get it twisted, embark on your greatness because you striving is on a rise. You are destined to be great, you are determined in your fate, embark on your greatness, make it happen now without hesitation or delay. Embark in your greatness!!

The pandemonium hurt

In this season my heart goes out to the people who do all they can to stay safe and protect those they love. Especially when we see many have neglected the safety of those who love them so -physically, emotionally and mentally. Whenever is enough enough. We can’t expect the younger ones to care when the thoughts, consideration, and safety you don’t bare-!!!! Sadly this pandemic is real yet the mentality of most seems to be it is what it is. Let them live yet their negligence jeopardizes those who truly care ability to give, especially when it’s not a thought of the precautions to stay safe, even when we don’t want to sit still- Some people I want to hug I can’t but to see how other can wrap their arm around others and embrace them so– I just can’t fathom to shake! This pandemonium hurt is showing the world especially those who care that your negligence some of you appears to be unthoughtfully crude. Some people have went out the way to accept and stay safe while others have dropped the ball because like many others it’s pretended they care to be safe. Thought: some people’s loved ones are no longer here because of the negligence of those they cherished so dear.!!!! Do not expect the world to care if you are not doing the right things during this pandemic what’s right, just, and precautionary!!!

America Done

America the place of which I was born, yet I see all the detriment that black people over time has worn. Seeking to be welcomed in this hateful place, not forcing ourselves hard enough to win the race. Africa the land where the oldest bones are known, yet our mindset will not allow us to culturally transform. Should we move to the freedom of open arms, yet we choose to stay with America because this is where we were born. Is America my home for my mindset that fact is not known. Land of the free home of the brave, steady beat and gunned down by others and ourselves like they did the slaves. America, all the years of life my family has done, now I am mentally convinced the place was not meant to be my home.

Pandemic Epidemic Plague

COVID 19 disparity

Well, people have to decide to make their choices and live with the outcome. People do what they want a lot of the time instead of what they should be doing. Sadly when people don’t listen and help doesn’t come then who is responsible for what we have been warned. Moving forward, people need to be more self-sufficient even for their jobs or additional income. Also people need to ease up on retail shopping and get land. Yes I have some. It is called choices for the long term. This earth will provide for you what you need if you let it. What happened to sewing, farming, eating less and spending less, that way when a disaster hits those who have made the choice to live a certain lifestyle are less stressed. I am sure those who are minimalist are not impacted as bad because they changed their mindset that’s it’s ok to live off less and have more financial resources put up to the side. If I was able to do it from working minimum wage and having multiple repossessions anywho has the willing mind to make the adjustments can. Choose life over bills and money.