My life torn

I love my children. I have made mistakes. Done things I am not proud of. There were times I was unfit on so many levels. However, I decided to do better. I chose the focus more on God and put my energy into my family. No matter how much I strive daily to be a better person and a better mother my children are constantly held away. The system has not helped me or my relationship at all with my children. To me it feels like people love the fact that my family is divided. The ones who can help choose not too. My life still torn, from the kids I born, my children are being taught it’s ok not to have their mother and they are being taught they don’t have to live in the home. They are being encouraged to respect others just not myself. I have done wrong yet I have been trying for years to be right. My kids taken away all 3 in this dawn of the day. Home no sweet home when you’re children are away and there is no such thing because home is alone.

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