Letha’s Eye View

The past seven days have been very challenging for me. I had to attend annual conference as I awaited on my next appointment for my Ministry of service. In the same week we’re having a family reunion and I had a chance to see people that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. Within the same week I decided to take a spiritual soul searching class that has enthused my mind, my heart, my focus, and now I realize that it’s time for the compass in my life to be reshifted. All I know is at this present moment I’m full with all type of emotions, wonders, hopes, and dreams. Within the same week just the other day I decided to take a leap of faith and not worry about being a financial burden to myself but I realized that it’s time for me to invest in myself and I did. Love the world around you, love the skin you’re in, love the life that God has given you, not just from without but within. Joy, peace, love, and happiness, are all possibilities, but the greatest of all is God and in your life just let him be.

#Lethasrealtalk #motivationoflifestylechange #peopleoftheheart #womenoftheheart #TeenSummit

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