Health and Wealth

Time to focus on your health and wealth
Increase your peace, happiness, and joy

Today’s outline
1. Tell God thank you
1a. Be specific for being thankful
1b.Prayer blessings for others especially those who have done you wrong.
2. Smile no matter how you feel
2a. Take care of yourself by focusing on your health
3. Look in mirror and smile again as you thank God for blessing existence with your presence
3a. Do not say I can’t or I don’t feel like it
4. Put your self together
4a. Get fully dressed. Comb and brush your hair.
5. Listen to something motivational and positive
6. Get to moving. Read a book. Read bible do some soul searching.
6a. Clean your home
7. Be nice to everyone especially those that you know you have been mean too.
7a.Stop being controlling
8. Laugh out loud
9. Love, Joy, Peace, happiness
10. I love you all
11. God loves us all more…
12….. Now just do it

#MotivationofLifestyleChange #Lethasrealtalk
#teensummit #peopleoftheheart #womenoftheheart #livingwealthybybeinghealthy #wealthandhealth

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