Dear God,

Yesterday August 31, 2018 you blessed me to make it through to see the age of 40. Oh how I have viewed my life as havac, heart ache, and pain. I have lost and mourned. I have questioned the very mere of my existence so many times. Now here 1 day later marks 40.1 and I am so grateful God. As I looked at my life I see now even better. Even greater you blessed me with a family that not only do I love so, but loves me also. I am truly blessed. My birthday was awesome on every aspect. I see clearer that in living the things that I do, the words that a speak, the meditation of my heart thrives to be acceptable unto you, my God, my strength, my Redeemer. Thank you God. I do not take it lightly that you see fit to still let me be. Thank you.

#lethasrealtalk #motivationoflifestyle #womenoftheheart

#peopleoftheheart #teensummit

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