Time to Change

I think it’s deplorable that the world has gotten to a place that everything is acceptable. I think it’s a disrespect to all of our forefathers who have paved the way before us but yet and still education is not a priority, commonwealth is not a priority, human rights is not a priority. However, anything that is inhumane and unethical is priority. Yet and still, we wonder what’s going on in the world? What’s going on in the land? The fact that we have sacrificed our souls to death and destruction with no true urgency to live. I pity those of us who know better but don’t live better. I pity those of us who is okay with everything being acceptable. Our children lack guidance by lack of discipline all because we have allowed the world tell us that is not okay to raise our sons and daughters. Our children lack progress because they lack discipline. We have allowed our children to dress any kind of way, be around anybody, and anything just because the world said it’s okay. We don’t have to shift the blame. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what have you truly done lately. What value do you add to your families, what value do you add to your community, what value do you add to the entire land. Do you live in acceptance of the world or Do you live under the instruction of God. We have to make a choice. Be blessed.



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