Dear Black Community

It is sad when people, black people are not standing up together to be as kings and queens. Let me start (1) when I see black cities ran by majority of black people crime is at a high, school system is at it’s low, property value is down, more children are on drugs, and so many people pack out the clubs and the malls yet and still the attendance in Bible Study and Church is low. Black Community. (2) Parents live any kind of way in social media. Yes we have a lot of great black men but we need more. Black men rise up. Attitude reflects leadership. Pull your pants up. Stop hanging on the corner. Stop robbing and killing each other Stop telling people it’s all about gangs, drugs, music and the fast life which for the most part leads to killing us. Dear Black Community stop running businesses out the community. Stop making investors afraid to come in our community by showing them we have torn up our communities, and robbed each other, and stolen from each other, and raped each other, and killed each other. Get an education and learn a trade. Let your family see you pray. Your families need you. A man should never spend little time with his family but a lot of time. He should lead the family in everything. Black men, it is your responsibility to make your families feel good. Yet and still your wives and daughters are constantly trying to be validated because they feel as if they are not good enough for you. Validate your family. Honer your family the way they need to be honored. Never dishonor God by dishonoring your family. God gave you your family. The world and it’s entirety should see you love your family. Your family should never be made to wonder where they fit in your world, you should show them they are your world. (3) Black women we are not trash. There is no integrity in being what you would not want your daughters to be or who you would not want your sons to marry. Do not let any man live off of you. You are precious Queens. Love as a Queen. Be as a queen. Why post constant selfies of boody shots and breast shots but you want people to respect you. Give people something to respect. Dear Black Community. You are people of greatness. Stop choosing to be a slave. Stop blaming other people. You want to build our community stop supporting every political activist, stop supporting trashy tv shows and trashy music. Design your own clothing lines. Grow your own food. Teach your children their history and heritage. Dear Black community, we are on life support, resuscitate us back. Dear Black community put your money into investments. Please do not support music icons (non-black especially)(or black) the says the b word, n word, p word, and those who actually act like every black person was part of a gang. Truth be told, especially for those who were in junior high and high school in the 90’s were the knock off brand for good things some of the gangsir some black organizations stood for. Dear Black community heal yourself and stop killing yourself.

#lethasrealtalk #motivationoflifestylechange

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