Black Community!!!!! Stop the division.

When you observe you learn, however one must be willing do what needs to be done. Over time the black community has become segregated within itself at the fault of itself. There are two main areas: home and church. At some point within our homes the ball was dropped. Women and men cohabitate with each other or some of each other or a lot of each other our children grow up in tainted environments where there is no sustainability. We have allowed too much outside influence from other ethnicities of people to tell us how not to live and how not to raise our children. God first with majority 2 parent households of husbands and wives was the core of our structure. We fell slave of a system and society of people where the very laws and rules that was put in place to keep us down, yet and still not many of us are taking responsibility. Men you are needed. Men you must rise up and lead like the head and not make excuses for not doing what you know you are suppose to do. In order to lead you must have God as the head or you add to us being doomed. Ladies it is time to encourage our men. Let our men know you appreciate them. Do not beat up on them because the chaos of the world is already against them. Men and women stand together in respect for each other and love each other. Children need to see love expressed as well as feel loved. Our future deserves not to be thrown out to the wolves no matter what society says. Please black community we have way too many churches. The constant segregation needs to end but yet it is rising with record numbers. A merger of our churches is needed. We are too spread out. We must be able together to turn toward each other and pull together and sacrifice for survival. We need more unity, we need more love for ourselves and most of all we need God.

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