Simmone Jone Morris

Simone Jones Mores known as Noni , is a believer in Christ , mother , wife , entrepreneur, makeup artist , & music artist . Noni was raised Pittsburgh , PA . Noni started her own brand back in 2020 called Slick By Noni where she makes all natural skincare and cosmetics herself that ensures nothing but rejuvenation and healing. Working on generational wealth for her three children, she prays to make an income that impacts and allows her to build an empire where her grandchildren can continue based from where she started.

Noni is also a music artist. She loves performing and writing songs that uplifts women, as she strives to be a voice for the unheard. As of 2022 Noni has officially extended her brand Slick By Noni while also providing makeup services. Noni is very excited for what God has in store for her, her future, and hope as she aspires to inspire many people during her entrepreneurial journey.

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