Spotted Beauty

“My Beauty Flows Deeper Than The Skin I am In. Loving Myself Inside and Out Without A Doubt”

Spotted Beauty is an amazing person of inspiration who has been battling with vitiligo since the age of 8. Over the years many challenges have been experienced such as domestic violence, sexual assault, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders. Though these life challenges have been hard, Spotted Beauty decided to use her truth to help inspire, empower, and uplift others to love themselves and the skin they are in.

Spotted Beauty exemplifies self love and appreciation of all people no matter who they are or where they come from. Spotted Beauty believes it is important to surround yourself around people who want to see you thrive. Spotted Beauty represents a humbleness to not judge others, but to respect all people because we all are people. Spotted Beauty reminds us all “Be you, be free, be happy!”
My social media handles are:, on tiktok: @The_Spotted_Beauty.

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