Mandy Storm

“Fairy Tales Do Come True!”

Here is Mandy Storm with her third single ‘Run’ The 35-year-old Mandy Storm has been working on music for as long as she can remember. In elementary school she didn’t skip a talent show or musical and loved it to be in the spotlight. Music was also an important thing in high school, she completed her final exam in music with a 9. She gained experience in singing with guest appearances with J&J two men Company. She took a number of singing lessons at Marion van Iwaarden. Solo she works on her own music and lyrics.

About 7 years ago Mandy Storm started writing her own lyrics. After writing a lyric, she picks up her ukulele to make a melody. Her head is turning wild with lots of creative ideas. All her lyrics are based on events from her own life. You could say Mandy is giving you a peek into her diary. This also applies to this song Run. It is about having the strength to come out of a period of darkness. Never give up is her motto, and she wants to encourage people who are having bad times, to listen to your inner voice and knowing that after bad times, there will come good times. Mandy really likes music from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. You can also hear that in her own music. She likes to put some old sounds in new music. She hopes that people will enjoy listening her new single. One thing is very clear, this song will not be the last one that we hear from her!

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