Cheri Simmons

“Lady Spinsters”

Lady Spinsters DJ SQUAD is an elite and unique squad, which was created in 2014, by Cheri Simmons. Cheri had a dream to create a sisterhood proving that female DJs, and show hosts can perform just as well as their counter colleagues and show the world they are on a massive rise.

The goal is to take the world by storm. What makes this squad different from all other DJ squads out there are the members. Each member is hand picked by the Chief Executive Officer and the President. Also, this awesome group has male honorary members selected by this awesome team.

Not only does Lady Spinsters DJs have great music playing, but this is done by beautiful women that will keep your audience captivated and on the dance floor throughout the evening.

These DJ’S not only keep you dancing, but some of them even compete on an International level and even win. Lady Spinsters have an internet radio station, magazine, and they are currently working on a streaming network for television. So, you ask what’s next? “Only the world can wait to see where we go next, but with the universe as our playground only God knows.”

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