Mother’ Day Tribute

Dear Mothers,

I want to tell you all that you all are awesome, and you deserve to be loved, appreciated,  and acknowledged. You deserve days filled  with joy, happiness, love, peace, no drama and heartache free. I know many of you all have restless nights praying in silence while all others in the house and those who are in their own home are sleeping. Mothers carry the world through. Mothers tend to put everyone else first while they put themselves last. Mothers, women, and wives just want the world to be better. Mothers just want their families to get along. Mothers, women, wives,  just wish those around her would protect her feelings and heart at times as she does for those she loves so dear. Mothers push through their pain just to make it through the day. Mothers, women, and wives want time, and to be cherished. We just sometimes want a small peice of what we give to the world around us. Mothers, women, and wives thank you all for carrying the world through!

Love Letha

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