Gerold Girbeau

“The difference between moment and movement is sacrifice!”

Gerold Girbeau is one of Mississipp’s leading business icons. Mr. Girbeau has always been intrigued by radio most of his life. Over the years, Mr. Girbeau wanted to be able to reach more than one audience of people and he made this possible almost 10 years ago when he started his very on radio station in Jackson, Mississippi, 99.1 Bday. While giving a lot of hard work and endurance Mr. Girbeau has dramatically increased his listening base by incorporating old school feel good music, podcasting, various D.j. mix shows, individual talk shows, hosting at major events and sponsored advertising.

Professionally, Mr. Girbeau has been in the industry for going on 27 years. His drive and dedication to be free to follow his passion and dream has allowed him the ability to teach, lead, and mentor others along the way. Mr. Girbeau is also a community activist and he assists constantly at different community events when he is asked. Mr. Girbeau has been nominated and also received numerous awards in recognition to his hard work, dedication and drive. Mr Girbeau states “The difference between moment and movement is sacrifice!” He made the choice to sacrifice!

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