“Reese Brothers”

Alan and Marvin Reese has set out a personal mission to get their grandfathers name in its rightful place in history. Who is their grandfather might you ask??…the late Rev. Dr. Frederick D Reese. The man who among many achievements, signed the official letter to invite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Selma Alabama to assist in the voting rights efforts led by Dr. Reese and local citizens of Selma Alabama. Alan and Marvin started the Frederick D Reese foundation in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. From clothing lines to historical tours and even a self published autobiography of Dr. Reese written by himself and Ms Kathy Walters entitled “Selma’s Self Sacrifice, which depicts the unique life of Dr. Reese. Being a minister himself, like his grandfather Alan Reese has a heart for the black community and speaks soundly of past efforts and also things we can change moving forward to help our community on their podcast entitled the Lineage podcast where they discuss everything from black massacres to concrete elements of the black community. Marvin Reese who is a singer/songwriter also uses his gifts to write and record songs centered around the movement and his grandfather.”

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