Devin Riddle

Devin Riddle was born January 17, 1981 to Ethel M. Riddle. He is a Native of Holly Springs, MS! Mr. Riddle is a graduate of Holly Springs High School Class of 1999. He also attended Mississippi State University majoring in Sports Communications. Mr. Riddle is happily married to Nashika R. Riddle, they have 3 Blessed and Amazing kids Caidyn, Dailah, and Dillon!!

While growing up as a young man in Holly Springs Mr. Riddle had the opportunity to watch and learn the value of Respect, Obedience, and Discipline from a lot of men especially his grandfather Epson “Snookie” Riddle! He worked for the Marshall County Community for several years and Devin would see how much citizens respected his grandfather and he just picked up on his actions.

Mr. Riddle gives GOD all the honor because he would never imagined he would be in the position he is today. He is the proud Owner/CEO of Doe’s Royalty LLC! When you see or hear Doe’s Royalty there are many ventures under the brand. We currently have beard and hair products, fitness programs, live talk shows and mentor programs under our brand! We are constantly looking for various opportunities to grow! Our vision is to “Create positive energy, change, and unity that will inspire and motivate all cultures!” Mr. Riddle desires to keep striving because he has an urgency to impact the lives of other people in all areas of their life!

Mr. Riddle is also a professional tax consultant with Millionaires Tax Consultants. Currently he is also employed with BNSF Railway. He also serves as Local Lodge 794 Union President.

Mr. Riddle states especially to young people “Never give up on yourself in life! Adversity brings Opportunity!!” There’s a scripture that Mr. Riddle always keeps in his heart! Job 8:7 Though your beginning was small your latter days shall be GREATER!

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