Gena Heelz

Cassandra Askew, professionally known as Gena Heelz of Life In Entertainment is an Online Media, TV and Promotional Resources company. It is a small woman-led company looking to expand in business relationships. She is a member of the distinguished press and work with PR firms and a few national syndicated networks. Cassandra believes in having a great reputation, integrity and gratitude assists the entrepreneur with building better relationships with the publicists. She assists in full coverage of any event, conference, publications, online social marketing, music video rotation and commercial ad placements. 

Cassandra is a content curator, creator, the producer and editor to multiple TV episodes with “Life In Entertainment TV.” She says, “My aspirations are to expand my business and content productively and form a community home with the creative space to grow,while allowing God to continue leading me.”

About Life In Entertainment

Life In Entertainment is an online media platform established February 17, 2019. which is a new and innovative site with over 2 million in impressions internationally. Life In Entertainment TV has multiple TV shows; (one) on the XOD Network on demand streaming in over 2 billion homes. 

XOD NETWORK is available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Smart TV, IOS and Android devices.

Life In Entertainment TV is on Comcast Xfinity channel 17 airing every Saturday at 6pm CST. Sponsored By Southern Style TV and the Podcast Center. Reaching 160,000 people in MS, TN and AR.

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