James C. Everett

James C. Everett better known by his brand “J Kristyle” is a emerging independent business located in Memphis, TN. James is a multi faceted business owner where he has established hisself as a noteworthy manager, a well respected online radio host with his station “J Kristyle Indie Radio”, Fleet DJ of Memphis where he provides artist opportunities and services, and an overall well rounded individual.

James was born on October 13, 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee. Early on in life James knew that he wanted to be apart of the music industry, but as a professional in his field; he took time out to learn the business behind being a entrepreneur. There are so many businesses & brands that offer the same services; James wanted to separate hisself from the competition by being the difference. After some years of preparation for the release of his Brand “J Kristyle”. On a cold January day in 2013 he launched his brand to the forefront bringing warm highlights to the bitter winter months.

J Kristyle is not only a brand it is a place where a network of artists, tastemakers, and talent agents seek to find the next superstar. To date J Kristyle Management represents 2 artists. The First Lady Of J Kristyle; Mo Money, and motivational hip-hop artist; Money Matt®. His radio station J Kristyle Indie Radio is a worldwide web based internet radio, with many notable artists ranging from Adele to Lil Durk, to the catchy tunes of Da Baby, French Montana and many more artists worldwide. Over the next several years, we look to find J Kristyle as a major competitor in not only independent music but the music industry as a whole.

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