Lex Luga

“Da Backwood Ambassador”

Lex Luga known as “Da Backwood Ambassador” is an industry legend who happens to be the founder of The Hood Idol Tour, along with being a radio personality syndicated on multiple radio stations in Mississippi, Florida, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, and Europe. He is also a Tv Personality on It’s Lit Tv airing on channel 18 in Jackson, Ms along with airing worldwide via Roku on the Hype Network.

Known as a Marketing Expert in the music industry for his vast knowledge and networking skills, Lex Luga is highly sought after by major and independent labels for his ability to break artists in Mississippi and beyond. He is one of the most influential tastemakers in the Southern Region. His latest venture led him to create the Hood Idol Magazine which is distributed worldwide in hard copies and digital formats giving undiscovered artist a chance to be recognized along with underground industry record breakers and models.

Lex Luga’s hard work and dedication in the music industry has landed him much acknowledgement as well as a number of nominations and industry awards. He has been featured in various publications around the country, including The B-Barack out of Europe, Hype Magazine, Pure Truth Magazine and Swag Magazine along with others. His awards include Mississippi Industry MVP, Hottest Movement of the Year, The Triple Threat award, Radio Personality of the Year, and Hustler of the year just to name a few.

E.C.M.D. has also presented him with a RIAA Certified GOLD Record for his role in breaking major recording artists in his region. He also received multiple Digital Radio Tracker Plaques for his record breaking skills and affiliations. Mr.Lex is a member of the Recording Academy, he was considered for a Grammy for co-writing and co-producing the gospel rap song “BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS”, and Mr. Lex won the Major Impact award in Nashville, Tn., and recently he appeared in the Morgan Freeman movie “The Minute You Wake up Dead”.

Never content to sit back and rest on his goals, Lex Luga is constantly on the move trying to help new artist become successful in the music industry. Staying true to his creed “Invest in yourself, put God first, family second, and as long as you keep working hard toward your goals, money will come.” With his ambition, drive, determination and penchant for hard work, Mr. Lex has evolved into one of the most favorable leading business icons. He is “A Hood Idol” “Da Backwood Ambassador”! “Keep pressing forward, be second to none!”


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