Robert Gardner

Robert is an experienced human resources professional, licensed social worker, author, and relationship change agent who is ahead of his time. He believes that all good things work best from the inside out, and that would include us as human beings.

Robert has a BA degree in Political Science from Fordham University, a Master’s degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources Management from NYU, and a Master’s of Social Work degree from Rutgers University. With his advanced degrees in both human resources and social work, Robert has advised and consulted corporate leaders on a myriad of issues related to employment law, created management training programs for labor/management relations and progressive discipline. On the other hand, as a therapist, he is an agent for change regarding unhealthy relationships. For the past 10 years, Robert has created and facilitated educational programs that teach people how to ameliorate their emotional intelligence in a comprehensive and effective way to improve their self-esteem, self-awareness, resilience and most of all their self-love in order to diminish domestic violence, bullying and retaliatory behaviors in the workplace.

Currently, Robert has been accepted into the doctoral program at Yeshiva University to attain a PhD in Social Work with a focus on Leadership, Management and Policy.

Robert T. Gardner Jr., LSW, MPA
Twitter: @changeagentrtg0057; Instagram:gardnerjrrobert
Author and Relationship Change Agent

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