Miss Letha

I am who I am

I am who I am. My name is Letha. I am a woman of hard work, heavy endurance, dedication, loyalty, faith, and a believer there is nothing God can not do or perform in any of our lives. I am a provisionary, especially for my family. I don’t mind working hard. My dedication to any assignment has no limits and most importantly my family is where my ultimate dedication goes after God. My challenges, my determination to reach for higher heights, me being influenced by non excuses makers when it comes to success, my desire to always be in the position to take care of my family no matter what has no limits. Who am I? I am just me. People ask you must be in the ministry, yes I am called and ordained by God, accepted assignments by man,yet at the end of the day even when I was assigned by man I understood the assignment. What is my title people ask? What about my personal life. Just know Letha is just Letha. I have a family I cherish that I may even be over dedicated to. I am just me! Some wish they could have the ability to just be near me!! I am just me






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