Ayana Miller

“Love the skin you are in for true beauty is within”

Ayana Miller is a 38 year old mother of two wonderful children, a handsome 8 year old boy and 9 month year old girl. Ayana works as a Change Analyst at an Insurance Company as well as Board of Director at an Insurance Credit Union. Ayana is also the member of various committees one of which she holds the Chairperson position.

Ayana is a lover of the Fashion Industry where she has entered queen shows and modelled as well. Ayana is currently taking a Mastering in Public Speaking and PowerPoint course. Life for Ayana has been very challenging over the years. Ayana has endured struggles trying to find herself, learning her true identity as a woman who strives to love herself. Ayana being treated different for her dark skin has learned to appreciated the wonderful skin she is in. She walks in her beauty as she strives to lift other women up and speaking to other women. She encourages other women to stay positive and to always work hard for yourself while loving yourself.

Ayana decided to take time as she started dedicating more of her time and focus to God. God has been the best for her life. She continues to work on her spiritual wellness and she encourages us all to do the same also. FROM Trinidad

Her IG is ayanakeisha36 and ling_lingsupplies.tt

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