John Farrell

John has spent the last 30+ years as an expat, living and working in Europe, America and Asia. The last 10 years have been in Myanmar, a place that really tested his levels of security, uncertainty and a great experience in working with people who just wanted ot learn.

For the last 20 years John has been working in Self-development, qualified as a coach and NLP Master. He realized that they scrape the surface, skills and tools to help a person achieve goals but not capable of taking a client that deep. John was blessed to meet a genius in psychotherapy and work with him on a much deeper technique where the inner child emotional events that created our personality can deeply be dealt with by resolving those that are destructive and holding the space for the client to find a new way.

As a facilitator it takes personal work and energy. John has pulled back into coaching a client led facilitation, as the client has all the tools they need and they are the only ones that can undo their own systems.
John now delivers coaching, 6-month training at an identity level and then for the real work resolving real bocks and shadow work. John has worked with NLP, EMDR, Hypnosis, and numerous others and working with their limitation, John also works with metaphor therapy.

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