Lynn Rogoff

Emmy Award Winner 🏆

Lynn Rogoff ( founded Amerikids, at the confluence of media and business with groundbreaking audio drama film, tv, multimedia content, games & theatre, introducing American history, social causes & culture in numerous mediums.

Rogoff is a media writer, director, producer & professor. She was a WGA, E Foundation Fellow, dramatizing early 20th American icons in Love, Ben Love, Emma based on correspondence between Emma Goldman and Dr. Ben Reitman, Turned into a stage play, its Chicago premiere was mounted in 2020.
Rogoff won a WGA Nomination for Outstanding Writing for No Maps on My Taps. No Maps On My Taps was the first to capture the black tap dancers contributions to American history. This film received two Emmy Awards. Rogoff directed the filmed concert performance at Smalls Paradise. No Maps On MY Taps recently was remastered and released airing on Turner Classic Movies
She has her MFA in Theatre Directing, from NYU SOA. Her award-winning works can be seen at &

Presently, she is producing Bird Woman, a magical realism, multi-episode audio drama series, is set in the early-untouched West. Bird Woman, Sacajawea discovers her supernatural shapeshifting powers as; part Woman and part Eagle as she guides the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Bird Woman tells the story of Bird Woman as she frees herself from her abuser and kidnapper to become a leader. She fights alongside the Expeditioners making heart-wrenching choices between the Native world and Clark’s world. Sacajawea discovers her full powers and her true destiny on our Expedition, as Bird Woman. See Demos at

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