Acknowledge a Woman’s Worth

“Never be ashamed of your flaws and remember to know your worth”

Being a woman comes with a level of great responsibility and magnitude yet it comes with weariness and being tired also. As I speak for myself, I try, I cry, I pray, I endure, I nuture,I love, I care , I sacrifice sometimes my feelings, I support, I acknowledge, I never stop. Most women those similar to myself, tend to put the needs, the desires, the expectations of others before themselves because we want those we love so, or those we choose to mentor to be better than we are. We want everyone else to have everything they need and want even if our needs and wants go unattended to. Every now and then we want to feel wanted instead of needed. Every now and then we want those we praise and lift up so much and encourage to do the same for us. Every now and then we would appreciate it if those we have made so much of our world would do the same for us. Every now and then, we want all of you men, family- children, friends, jobs, and organizations to appreciate and know our worth. A great woman’s worth can not be measured. The women who raised me and those who have taken me under their wings can not be measured. Say it loud for this who can not hear in the background. Appreciate your mothers, grandmothers, aunt’s, cousins, wives, and significant others. Once we as women realize our worth we just want the world around us to love, nurture, appreciate us more. I would not take anything for my journey, my family, those who have mentored me along the way or those whom have chosen to come under my wing! For a woman’s work is never done!

1 thought on “Acknowledge a Woman’s Worth”

  1. This speaks volumes….there is so much truth here. I can honestly say I see myself reading the real in every word. This blessed me sis!


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