Ke-Ke Faulkner


From city to city, state to state, he is a living legacy, philanthropist, and community activist; his name is Mr. Ke-Ke Faulkner.  Ke-Ke is an  exceptionally great leader and role model to many in so many ways. He teaches, he nurtures, he mentors, he gives, and he listens to others. Ke-Ke is very attentive to the desires and dreams of those he comes in contact with. Ke-Ke is a beacon of not only insight, but also hope, while helping the dreams and desires of others come true.

Ke-Ke is one of the South’s active, living, legendary, music- industry icons who wants to feed the vision of generational wealth on a larger scale. Ke-Ke believes this can be done by nurturing the talent of those regardless of their demographic, racial, or ethnic backgrounds. Ke-Ke’s passion for music has no limits because music is embedded in his soul.

Ke-Ke has a strong desire to give artist a platform to create and enhance the beautiful art of music. He encourages every artist to express musical art in their own way. Ke-Ke also reminds artist the importance of being authentic in their own sound which diversifies the industry, while reaching different audiences in different ways.

With all the work that Ke-Ke has done he continues to set goals for himself that involves helping others. Ke-Ke’s dream project is to build a school in his home town. He is an avocate for education and opportunity. Ke-Ke wants to continue to be a vessel as he aspires to assist in the livelihood, and continual well being of others. Ke-Ke is grateful for those who support him and also those who have advised him over the years. Ke-Ke states “Understand you don’t have time; the time is now!”

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