Veronica Baljak/ Natural Originals Shop

Veronica is a woman who is determined that no matter what the odds are nothing and no one will stop her from what she is determined to do.

Here’s a little story about  Natural Originals Shop and how it happened. About 2 months after reading the books “The Secret” and “The Greatest Secret” by Rhonda Bryne; Veronica decided she wanted to open an online store. Being a mom of three small children, a 4 year old, 2 year old, and a newborn, during a season when things were extremely time consuming, Veronica took a leap in her desire to start her business. Everyday she reminded herself to stay focused to stay the course. Eventhough it took a lot of research and work; sometimes all day and all night in between taking care of  kids and  figuring out everything, Veronica constantly reminded herself she must do whatever is necessary to make this business successful.

While not neglecting what’s most precious is time with her family and especially her children, Veronica gave herself daily task to complete to ensure daily there was progress being made with the business. Veronica started getting the website built, adding all the special features and plug- ins she wanted like the wish list button ect., selecting the products, marketing, sales tools, social media platforms set up, email campaigns. There was one problem, Veronica realized that she needed support to assist her for the magnitude of the business that she has in place to venture out. Veronica reached out to 7 of her girlfriends and asked them to help her on the social media sites.

There is a total of  8 wonderful women who came together as of now and their platforms are: Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest. Financial freedom is their goal! Natural Originals Shop is going to rock it! Veronica believes it is important to have people in your corner who support you and encourage you especially those who are dear at heart!  Veronica and her team welcomes everyone to check out Natural Original Shops.


Can contact us on WatsApp:

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