Carol Markstrom

Folk Music Singer & Songwriter

Carol Markstorm is living in her passion and her dream “music!” With Carol’s distinct voice and sound her music has successfully grasp the ear of so many people because of the messages in her songs. Not only is Carol great at singing and songwriting, Carol also plays the guitar.

Outside of Carol’s music being played by many D.J.’s Carol also performs a different repertoire of music at festivals, cowboy gatherings, saloons/restaurants, wineries, ranch gatherings, museums and the list goes on. Carol has performed as a headliner guest in the Earnest Tubb Midnight Jamboree and the Commodore Stage in Nashville Tennessee.

Carol’s songs rap into Americana, Western Roots, Folk, and Country and her endurance and dedication has proved this many times over based off some of her accomplishments.

2022 Silver Arrow Award for outstanding contribution to the Native American Music Industry. Spirit Wind Records

2021 Songwriting Awards from the Cowpokes International film festival and the Wild Bunch film festival.

2020 Beat Music Video, ‘Bandida’ Wild Bunch film festival

2018 Country & Western CD of the year for Desert Rose, Rural Roots Music Commission

2017 & 2015 Western Female Vocalist of the year, Academy of Western Artist

2017 Originally Western CD of the year for Crossing Boarders, Rural Roots Music

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