Balance & Gratitude

Balance and gratitude should play a part in all of our day to day living. Over the past few weeks I have been reminded by people, a lot of which are starting their own business, or already successfully operating businesses for themselves the importance of balance and gratitude. Keep in mind it’s important for us all not to lose site of those things and those people who should be most important starting with your creator and your family.

Time is so precious. We tend to treat time as if we have time but we don’t. This reminds me to encourage as many people as possible to always show appreciation to those who love you and those you love. People deserve appreciation, and all of us need to focus on balance. This world has shifted it’s culture and most people have conformed and accepted the ‘I still have time, We still have time,’ mentality when that is not so. Moving forward, Letha’s Real Talk will be presenting couples who made the decision to properly balance while building wealthy empires together. I appreciate those who have reminded me balance and appreciation matter.

Sometimes it’s a struggle, especially for those who really may not quite understand where they fit with those they have nurtured and supported so. I have come to the realization some may not appreciate their creator or even have families and these will be the very ones who will attempt to destroy the first gift creation gave us “family”. “When you lose site of who and what’s important you have become blinded to the realization that the mere existence of balance and gratitude is what allowed some of us to make it as far as we have, because of the support of those who have our best interest at heart.”

Thank you to those of you who do not mind letting the world know the importance of balance and most importantly those who encourage others to balance their family time, life, and gratitude properly.

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