Jena Bee

“Being better is what I strive to be!”

Jena B. was born on Valentine’s Day in 1994 in Mississippi. As a child , her nickname was “Ellie May” which was based off the character, Ellie May Clampett, from the popular show from 1962, the Beverly Hillbillies . If unfamiliar with the show and this character, Ellie May loved beauty, had the soul of a tomboy and a passion for animals. Jena lived up to her childhood name, as she began to draw animal portraits, cartoons, and even self portraits.

Jena developed a respect for art and that passion transitioned to the art of beauty. When Jena would watch her older sister doing her makeup in the mirror; Jena was always in awe. She traded her art brushes for makeup brushes and this is where she found her niche. Jena became inspired to learn the art of makeup and perfect her new found passion .

Jena soon realized, knowledge is pointless if you don’t share it. With the world of Instagram and now TikTok, she wanted to utilize these social media platforms to share her knowledge with those who share the same passion as her.

Jena is motivated by achieving her set goals to fulfill her life dreams. Jena does not want to live a life of regrets and “what ifs”. Jena understands that it takes effort to make your dreams a reality. Jena has set goals for herself and she works toward achieving them every day. With the power of prayer, and manifestation of her goals, and God in the forefront, she knows she will reach her dreams.

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