Big Kash

“Nothing Is Going To Stop Me”

From Memphis Tennessee, this 22 year old is an awesome self-reliant Queen by the name of Big Kash. Big Kash is determined not to focus on what others expect from her, but to stay true to her authentic self and never hold back. Big Kash is constantly pushing herself harder and harder by applying pressure to her own self, to make her dreams that are constantly coming true into more of a reality. Big Kash has proven she will not allow anything or anyone to stop her.

Big Kash is extremely musically inclined and she has always been influenced by various people, and various genres of music as long as she can remember. One of the main goals of Big Kash is to impact others by showing others there is nothing wrong with conveying your feelings and thoughts the way “you choose” to express in your music. Also, Big Kash wants to be a voice for those who feel like they can not say what they feel.

Big Kash has a dream to one day win the Grammys. Big Kash believes there is no limit to what anyone can do or achieve. Big Kash wants to create music that people of all ages can relate to. Big Kash has a high regard for the music industry, however, the standard she has set for herself gives her the ability to constantly challenge herself. Big Kash wants to encourage everyone to “push hard ‘without limits’ for yourself!”

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Big Kash!!

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