Mya Kay Douglas

Mya K. Douglas
Founder, Girls Anthem
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Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Mya K. Douglas, professionally known as Mya Kay, is an Amazon bestselling author, speaker and literary consultant. She was a semi-finalist for America’s Next Great Author, a reality show dedicated to giving writers a seat at the table.

Mya has written and co-written several Christian/contemporary romance novels, including, The Storms of Love series, Love to the B Power, Love to the Baby Power, Fumbled Your Heart and A Star-Studded Love. Her devotional, The God Girl’s Guide to College Life, was #1 in new releases on Amazon during the week of its release. Girls Anthem is a full-service literary consulting firm that equips women with the tools they need to write their stories and build successful writing careers. Mya is also the creator and co-host of “The Writing Bar Podcast”, with Nailah Harvey, a new writing podcast that features tips and tools for writers who are looking for ways to monetize their writing and build a following without compromising their faith. You can learn more about her work at







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