Emma Raye

“Striving to be Internationally Known”

Emma Raye is a 22 year old vocalists singer, from Tienen, Belgium. At an early age it was noticed that Emma had a gift when it came to singing. At the age of 11 years old Emma started taking singing lessons. Even though there has been challenges along the way Emma kept pushing forward. Emma decided the push her music in an unlimited manner by networking and marketing across the globe because she believes her music is very relatable to many people regardless of their demographic area.

Emma Raye’s first single “Another Shot” has gained momentum by the awesome lyricism and musical sound of the song. Emma Raye strives to continue to release as many songs and covers as possible. Emma wants to encourage those of her peers to push forward no matter what the challenges may be. Emma makes it a point to write and practice as much as possible because she believes consistency is a major key to success.

Emma is thankful to those who are supporting her along the way. Emma is humbled to be able to be supported by those who have played her music, those who downloaded her music, those who ho are mentoring her, and she is also grateful to those who have highlighted her along the way. Emma Raye is a prime example of a young lady who is willing to go the extra mile to perfect her craft.


EMMA RAYE – Another Shot (Floyd Records)

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