Erik Nielsen & Anders Brodersen

Swear to My Heart” pinpoints that moment in a new and exciting relationship, where the two lovers are standing at a crossroads. Either go their separate ways, or move on together, Erik Nielsen tells us about his new single with Anders Brodersen. – I co-wrote “Swear to My Heart” with Anne Campbell Weimoth and Bjørn Nilsen. On my upcoming solo album “Harmonicating with Family and Friends”, I collaborate with exciting artists who I have worked with previously in other contexts. On “Swear to My Heart”, it is my good colleague Anders Brodersen who joins me on a journey on the unfathomable paths of love. –

This follows “Oh Time Sweet Time” feat. Freddy Dahl, who received very good reviews, and lots of radio play at home and abroad. In addition to this solo project, Erik Nielsen has in recent years played live and on recordings with Casino Steel, Bill Booth, Ricky Whitley and Nilsen’s Southern Harmony.

Anders Brodersen is a young singer and musician from Fauske, who is starting to make his mark. His latest solo single “Climbing The Wall” was chosen by Avisa Nordland as one of the ten best songs by Northern Norwegian artists in 2020; the song was voted the best in the genre in the region. His debut single, “Help Me Hold On” was one of the most popular Country songs in Norway in 2018, he was regarded among the highlights at the Interstate 19 festival, and he made a lasting impression at the Leek Blues and Americana Festival in England.

Erik Nielsen’s goal with the upcoming album is to explore, and show the many possibilities and roles of his main instrument, the harmonica. The harmonica is an instrument with a long history both as a rhythmic accompaniment and as a solo instrument in blues, soul, roots, rock, gospel, country and jazz. Music that in recent times often goes under the term Americana. He is very much looking forward to presenting the new music together with his talented friends.

Swear to my heart
(Nielsen / Weimoth / Nilsen)
Label Coastal Sounds
Country Norway


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