Sweet Mama’s Kountry Kitchen

“Food Good For Your Soul”

Sweet Mama’s Kountry Kitchen is one of the best Mississippi soul  food restaurants located at 1207 Neal Street, Clinton Mississippi. Sweet Mama’s is a family based atmosphere where all people can get that home feeling, that home welcoming,  and the true home cooking that is satisfying and enjoyable for everyone.  The staff is very nice and attentive to every customer’s needs.

The owner quotes “Cooking is my passion. You have some that do it for a career, and others that do it for the love. I consider myself to be one of the ones that do this for the love and smiles. In this industry I would like to accomplish being a statewide business. I want to be able to spread my passion for cooking to everyone. In the next few years to come I see myself owning a food truck to become remote as well as stationary. My advice to others follow your dreams. See it, believe it, retrieve it, accomplish it. Be your own competition. My business is located in the heart of oldetown Clinton, MS. You can find us nestled sound and sweet at 1207 Neal Street. If you pass Sumner Hill you’ve went to far. Come on down looking forward to seeing you at dine with us, at Sweet Mama’s Kountry Kitchen!!!”

Sweet Mama’s Kountry Kitchen is a community based restaurant that meets the needs of the people. Please watch and share the commercial below!

Tuesday – Friday 11a.m.-2p.m.


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