Cher-Ron Thicklin

Cher-Ron is the founder of “Black Wall Street Nation”. Cher-Ron has created this network to “Rebuilding communities one business at a time.”

Cher-Ron’s main goal is to promote the unknown, the unheard of and the doubtful. She loves putting people on display.

Cher-Ron wants to impact people by allowing people to see who they are and what they have. Cher-Ron has created an awesome piece of what most business owners need which is a blueprint to allow one business to the next to the network, see each other’s services, and this also allows business owners to support their fellow business people also.

Cher-Ron wants to build a business to help other small businesses to streamline their business. With her and her team working and pulling effortlessly together they managed to create an infrastructure to house and market businesses for a lifetime.

Cher-Ron encourages everyone “Don’t give up! The world is full of people trying to do something without having a problem, but they do exist. Stay in the fight!”


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