Sonja Christopher

“I Jigsaw Puzzle to Relax”

Sonja initially bought a jigsaw puzzle for her husband to do as she thought it would help him increase his brain power due to his dementia. However, he would not do the puzzle. Sonja later found out that people with dementia have a hard time learning anything new their short-term memory is very bad. So Sonja decided she would do the puzzle and Sonja found out that she enjoyed putting the pieces together and admiring the finished product.

“Art is therapeutic”

Doing the puzzle gave Sonja something to look forward to at the end of the day when she was alone and trying to relax. Sonja have done so many of these. The one that posted above is called Society Mask by Marcella Muhammad. Sonja especially likes to do the jigsaw puzzles that feature African-American life. After putting the puzzle together the pieces can be glued together permanently and framed. Some of her friends have them displayed in their house. The puzzles can be purchased on Amazon or just Google jigsaw puzzles or African American jigsaw puzzles.

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