Khalilah Purnell

“Nothing will get transformed in your life until you transfer your mind!”

Khalilah Purnell, known to many as “Kay”, was born and raised in Philly but afforded the ability to relocate to the beautiful state of Washington until 2010 when she moved to Virginia. She is a serial entrepreneur in different aspects as well as on different levels. The different aspects of her are of being a writer, (which is her passion and love), Event Coordinator, life coach, and officially a Top Selling Published Author (which has been her dream since childhood), and she continues to fulfill her purpose, by giving a voice to the unheard voices on different levels from different angles. Her main genre and expertise of writing is Poetry, but Ms. Purnell has succeeded beyond that. Khalilah was afforded the ability to earn her bachelor’s degree from one of the best schools, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Journalism, as well as earning her Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Studies. She is the author of the Globally top-selling book, “Voiceless Voices: Words from a Broken Heart & Renewed Soul”, which she released on June 15, 2022, along with the creation of her “Self-Renewed”
Journal. Voiceless Voices is a book of poetry broken into three sections, with the purpose to give a voice to some, create awareness and understanding for others, and start the healing and renewal process for each of us. Voiceless Voices is packed with deep and powerful words, that touch on things such as Domestic Violence, Gun Violence, Suicide, Bullying, Wrongful Incarceration, Returning to Society after incarceration, losing a child to murder, Rape, Molestation, Self-Esteem, Loving Yourself, the Presence of God, Drug
Addiction, Absent Parents, Parent/Child Relationship, and so much more.
She recently released her memoir, titled, “Thorns of A Rose: From Pain to Purpose”, which is now available on all platforms and released on November 14, 2022. Author Khalilah shares pieces of her story, from being a child that was molested at the young age of 9, by her stepfather, and abandoned by her mother, which eventually lead her to continue a life of promiscuity, suicide attempts, low self-esteem, and life full of depression, pain, hate, lies, and anger to a life of getting to know God and his purpose for her life that is greater than herself. She says, her story is also the story of so many others, and her story is to also help
someone else realize their own stories, own them, and start to heal.

According to reviews of Khalilah, as well as her book Voiceless Voices, she has been said to be a new age Civil Rights Author Paul Lawrence Dunbar. She speaks, acts, and writes with passion. Author Khalilah is a leader and an active activist for Domestic and Gun Violence. She hopes and dreams to become a motivational speaker, to continue to inspire others, and to create changes necessary, yet seldom seen. She believes that God placed her here to be the bridge between everyone and be the one to unite us together and break cycles. She also coordinates an annual event/campaign, called “R.i.p the Runway N-unity” Against Domestic & Gun Violence, which started in 2018 and has been successful and changed lives. She is in the process of her first annual “Healing in Our Heels” Women’s Empowerment Brunch, which will finally come to life on April 30, 2023, with the first in Philly. Her second book of poetry, titled “Undefeated” is to release on December 14, 2022. She is currently working on her fifth book, titled “Eyes Wide Shut” Blinded by Love, which is a Domestic Violence Thriller, based on true events that give a voice to the unheard voices of Domestic Violence, both deceased and survived. She lost a friend to Domestic Violence, on January 31, 2012, and the book release date is January 31, 2023. Her story will be a part of the book, but Khalilah is also a survivor of Domestic Violence. The book will not only speak about the tragedy, but it gives their backstories, and she opens it for the families to be a part of the stories every step of the way, with hopes to not only give a voice, but to carry the voices, and also save lives. She is also working on her first TV Series, titled, “Family, Betrayal, & Buried Secrets”. She is also planning to release a Self-Love Affirmations Ep, with 6-8 tracks, called “Self-Validated”, in 2023.
Khalilah spends her time trying to perfect her journey of becoming vegan, spending time with her daughter, reading, learning, fulfilling the purpose of God, honing her craft, being a voice for the unheard, and trying hard to bridge the gaps within our communities to decrease the violence. As an activist for Change, she is hoping to put the issues and severity of Domestic Violence on society’s political agenda and to promote paradigm shifts. She organizes People Power, educates, and involves the community, involves other organizations, networks, and activists on the issues. In addition, she promotes strategies and tactics. Her passion for the communities
and empowering and uplifting others, as well as being the voice is amazing and the purpose in her eyes is even greater. She is empowered, risky, courageous, and focused on true unity and change. Her motto for many is #youarenotyourfile, and she is known as the #voicefortheunheard
What many do not know about her is that She is the distant cousin of Mogul Sean Combs and the cousin of NWBA Coach Dawn Staley, but she does not boast about it because she wants to be a boss on her own and make it on her name and God’s grace and blessings, not that of their names or successes.

Instagram: @author_khalilahpurnell

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