Taylor Perry

“Progress Takes Action”

Taylor Perry is gaining constant notoriety in the barber, tattoo, and fashion industry because of his hard work, dedication, and unwavering endurance. Taylor Perry is not only gaining success for himself, but he has created a platform to allow others to do the same. Taylor Perry has shown, and is constantly showing the importance of self discipline, self reliance, self assurance, and self determination while remaining humble in his day to day living. Taylor understands what it is like to struggle, have hard times, and he also understands what it’s like to have dreams and visions to see them come true.

Taylor Perry is from Miami FL. and he has been cutting hair since he was a teenager. He started working in a barbershop at the age of 15 and by the age of 18 he was a tattoo artist. Determined to achieve exceptionally, Taylor Perry did not allow himself to make excuses in regards to his growth, maturity, or success.

Taylor Perry has taken the barber, tattoo, and fashion industry to a level that is mind blowing with his customized, branded way of providing the service scalp micropigmentation a.k.a. SMP, which is an innovative non-invasive solution to hair loss problems. Taylor Perry is the United States leading expert in scalp micropigmentation. SMP treats hair loss by creating an illusion of hair follicles using a unique formula of pigment and micro- needles. Most people refer to SMP as a hair tattoo because it gives your head the illusive look of having hair.

Recently Taylor Perry was recognized by Yahoo Finance. Taylor Perry is an example to us all to always work at being better because we all have room for growth and improvement. He is a positive reflection for us all.




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