Sister T.

“I bring healing with love & laughter”

LaTonya Morton also known as Sister T is a motivational speaker, comedian, host and emcee. She is the co-owner of Light of Entertainment LLC (a family music and entertainment company) along side of her husband Lavarce Morton. Sister T, has been in the entertainment industry over 20 years. She has performed as a hip- hop artist, stand up comedian, host and emcee. Sister T. coordinates amazing events in and around the Jackson, Mississippi area.

Sister believes that music and comedy is a sure way to improve one’s quality of life as it is the very thing that has helped her manage her depression and anxiety she suffers with. Her passion is to bring light into the lives of all people around the world by simply sharing love and putting a smile on their face. Part of her mission is to take amazing concert style events inside facilities where residents are unable to leave. She credits her team of entertainers who perform alongside of her. Sister T. doesn’t just host events – she brings them to life.



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