Nicole Dake

Millennial Mom

Nicole is the proud mom of her two girls, Atlantis (19) and River(5).  Nicole shares her life with jer wonderful partner, Gary. 

Nicole is currently living in Germany with Gary and River.  Atlantis still lives in Colorado where she is the manager of a party store.

Being the parent of a little child as well as an adult provides her with a unique perspective on ages and stages parenting topics.

Nicole has a BA in Psychology from University of Colorado in 2008, which provides an additional background for the mental health issues that she writes about on the blog.

Nicole has mental health issues as well:  Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.  Nicole has found healing for these through therapy and medication.  As someone who has experience with these issues first-hand it enables Nicole to relate to mental health issues that others may be experiencing and provides an opportunity for advocacy.

Nicole was a young mom in her 20’s, working and putting her way through college.  Then, she became an older mom in her 30’s, trying to keep up with a little one again.  There are advantages to being a young mom, and to being an older mom.  Nicole has experienced both, so she has somewhat of a unique perspective.

Also, Nicole knows that when you add another baby to your family, it makes a big change to the dynamic of the family overall.  Their little one really does bring their whole family together, and makes their life complete.  “She brings us together, makes us laugh, and constantly is surprising us!”

Nicole says “You can never have too many mom friends, and I hope I can be a mom friend for you too!  We live in a day and age when our village has become more virtual, and connecting with other moms online is a big way to expand our village, because it really does take a village to raise a child!”

Check out her journey

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