DJ Jboy Hustlemanliveradion has the hottest underground show in the world. JBoy started the show doing Facebook live. After about 6 months this show got picked up by Freedomkradio.net, a worldwide radio network. Although the facebook show was important, this show gained more momentum and has more ears listening.

Jboy Hustlemanliveradion is hitting 36M listeners a month. This station is broadcasted in 85 countries and 43 states. Now, this station is on 9 stations all together. Jboy has also been signed as the first underground DJ in Mississippi by major labels of Behind the Label, AWAL/Sony. DJing is one of the most fulfilling things to Jboy in life. Jboy gets to bless people’s ears and make them feel good with the sounds he gives them. Jboy is able to spin underground artist as well as the top artist in the world. Jboy takes you from falling in love to bouncing off the walls. Whatever your style, Jboy is going to get you there. Jboy fans are called HUSTLEMANIACS and he always says “I got that FIRE FIRE FIRE for them ears”.

Jboy started out as an artist himself in the late 90’s. He saw that radio stations, clubs, promoters, and event coordinators were turning their back on underground artist and not letting them have a chance to be heard or seen. After going thru this battle, himself, he saw that there was a need for Hustlemanliveradio. Jboy has assisted have assisted in 4 artists signed to major contracts. Sony, Rich Nation, Grand Hustle and Strange Music steadily watch and send in new music. Jboy has run interviews and promotion. for artist. He also is part of a charitable cause for The Gulf Coast Center for non-violence. This is a positive company for locals by locals.

LIVE 100

“Internet Radio at it’s Best!”

LIVE 100 W.U.R.M. radio station is based out of Evansville Indiana that provides a platform for independent artists to get their music heard, gain experience performing in front of LIVE audiences, and making connections with other artists/labels.

LIVE 100 W.U.R.M. wants to establish a network of artists, promoters, venues, and broadcast platforms which will make it easier for artists to perfect their crafts,and connect with small businesses and new customers.

By providing a supporting platform for low cost promotion/advertising for Independent Artists and Entrepreneurs LIVE 100 W.U.R.M. is constantly working to expand their network which allows everyone who is on their platforms to have more visibility across the entire U.S. and other countries as well. LIVE 100 W.U.R.M encourages everyone to “Find out what it is that you LOVE doing and then find a way to get paid doing it!”

1333 S. Alvord Blvd, Evansville, Indiana 47714 | 812.773.3071 | http://www.live100wurm.com

Happy Holidays Everyday

From: Letha’s Real Talk

Lay’na Michelle

R’n’B Empress

        Singer, actress, model, writer, business owner, survivor, RnB Empress whatever title you give to Lay’na Michelle she wears it with pride. She gives all her thanks to God for blessing her with her divine gift. Born in Detroit, it was only right that this empress uses her voice to influence others. After taking on 300+ plus stages and hosting ten of her own, Lay’na had to take a small hiatus from performing due to health reasons. While on her journey to healing, she’s continued to write and record music with artists all over the world under 2SA Entertainment Management Group. She also loves donating her time and from time to time a portion of her profits to charities. On March 26, 2017 the RnB Empress released her long-awaited debut album “Blu3 Dr3am Ave.” Despite the obstacles and negativity from some people, Lay’na vows to push through with her leading single “Let the Games Begin”. 2017 started the year of the R’n’B Empress.

Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress 1st album has on Spotify 203,168 streams as of March 26th, 2017 won 5 awards on this album. This album has received 1355 downloads online as we speak not including street sales.

Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress 2nd album has on Spotify 111,265 with 23,535 listeners released on March 26th, 2021 nominated for 3 awards with Josie Music Awards (album of the year, artist of the year & R&B Soul). Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress was nominated out of 48,000+ submissions. Alongside the streams the digital downloads Lay’na Michelle has received 742 albums downloaded.

On November 23rd, 2018 Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress, a Detroit Native performed her original self published music for the Detroit Pistons Game inside of the new LCA. Because of this performance she performed herself into the history books. Now Lay’na Michelle is the 1st African American Independent Musical Artist to perform original music for the Detroit Pistons inside of the new LCA.

Then on April 12-30th, 2019 Lay’na Michelle was awarded an exhibit inside of the Charles H Wright Museum for her performance for the Detroit Pistons. Because of this exhibit Lay’na Michelle is the only music artist alive signed to a major label or independent to ever have an exhibit inside of any African American Museum.

On August 22nd, 2019 Lay’na Michelle was awarded with the Spirit of Detroit for all her charity work & making history in the Detroit Area.

Lay’na Michelle quotes ” In the industry, I would love to show that independent artists deserve just as many “flowers” as major artists. Our worth should not be determined on whether or not our name is signed on a contract.

I would like to impact others by bringing positive energy to everyone that takes on the #RnBEmpress experience.  Life maybe short but having a positive mind set will always make life worth living.My dream project would be to do a whole soundtrack to a movie.  The way Curtis Mayfield did for Superfly, or the way Prince did for various Spike Lee Movies.  I would love for my craft to set the tone/soundtrack of a film.

My dream project would be to do a whole soundtrack to a movie.  The way Curtis Mayfield did for Superfly, or the way Prince did for various Spike Lee Movies.  I would love for my craft to set the tone/soundtrack of a film.

The advice I have for others is to remember to stay grounded and pray.  Always set goals.  When you stay focused on your goals the only thing that may change is the time it takes to achieve them.

July 10th, 2020 Lay’na Michelle won Female Artist of The Year in Jacksonville, FL.

February 23rd, 2021 The city of Southfield In Southfield,MI awarded Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress with an award for her black history placement and charity work.

August 18,2021 The Josie Music awards in Knoxville,TN honored Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress with her 6 music awards.

July 31st, 2022 The World Songwriter Awards awarded Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress her 7 award for best r&b song I want 2 know

September 30th, 2022 The World Songwriter Awards awarded Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress her 8th award best r&b song I’m So Proud

Mason in the Afternoon from 105.9fm kiss has certified Lay’na Michelle https://youtu.be/VJvnL6dDBlA

March 26, 2017 the first studio album released

Wine & Girl Talk W/ #RnBEmpress January 2nd, 2021

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress February 6th, 2021

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress March 6th, 2021 https://youtu.be/t91oEbBngBU

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress April 3rd, 2021

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress May 8th, 2021 Mother’s Day Edition

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress June 12, 2021

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress July 11, 2021

Lay’na Michelle #RnBEmpress Live on All Gas No Breaks Podcast Episode 46 live in Maryland @laynamichelleofficialpage August 14th, 2021 interview & live performance.

Lay’na Michelle #RnBEmpress performing live at Josie Music Awards 2021 live in Country Tonite Theater

Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress Performance at the Hope for the Homeless September 24, 2022

Ms. Londa

“Sip N Talk With MS Londa”

Ms Londa is a leading thriving podcaster whose audience of listeners is growing day by day. Ms Londa loves to have in depth grown folks conversation while bringing awareness and insight at the same time. Ms Londa addresses topics that are of major concerns, that sometimes, are not discussed enough. Ms Londa wants to be known as someone who is laid back and down to earth while connecting with those she comes into contact with.

Ms Londa would like to accomplish getting her shows filmed and having them be a success. Ms Londa wants to be able to reach as many people as possible. One major goal Ms Londa has is the completion of her second show because that project is strictly centered around helping other people.

Ms Londa would like to impact others by showing them that if you keep pushing at what you want, you can achieve your goals and don’t allow lack of support to hold you back. Some great encouragement Ms Londa has for others is “You must have the will power to keep pushing for what you want and don’t let obstacles stand in your way!”