Shana Bell

“Wealth Starts with Mindset!”

Shana Bell is a very intelligent business woman who is certified and qualified to help us all get to a superior level with our wealth and finances. Shana believes the importance of also exemplifying education, by making the timely sacrifice after high school. Shana graduated from Rust College in 2002, Strayer University in 2009, and Union University in 2009. After being an educator for two decades Shana felt an urgency to educate families financially and so she obtained her certified professional life coach license.

Shana wants to create an awareness, a crusade against generational poverty that can be solved by implementing the proper steps to ensure that families have the protection in place that guarantees poverty elimination. Shana’s background in education compels her to teach others what she didn’t know as an educated professional and what is not taught in schools. Shana wants to share the secrets of financial success that has been left out of conversations in many households for generations, due to lack of knowledge. Shana wants to bring to the forefront what has been keeping many families in poverty and why the cycle continues.

Shana wants to “EMPOWER” others to learn about the Importance of Paycheck Protection to spread the benefits it has among communities. Shana wants to “EMPOWER” others to start businesses in this industry because the services are needed and the educational cost is very low, with high impact, as well as compensation.

Shana’s Dream Project is to Gain Financial Freedom and Take Others along with her! SHE WANTS TO BE THE FACE OF WHAT FINANCIAL FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE!! Shana wants people to see her and know that it is Possible and it CAN happen through hard work, perseverance, and by turning your backs against the “noise.”

“Don’t expect other people to understand your dreams”, says Shana. “Your Dreams are Uniquely Yours. Don’t make decisions about your life based on the opinions of others.” Always ask: [“What’s your plan for Me?”]

“If you don’t want their life, don’t take their advice.”

“Also, always protect your Peace. Excuse yourself from negativity and drama. Your happiness is within. Never give that job to anyone else. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOU!!! NOW GO BE GREAT!!”

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